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Title Insurance: Owner’s Policies

Title Insurance indemnifies the buyer of a property in the event of loss arising out of legal risks relating to owning and operating real estate. Covered Risks may include:

  • Title to property
  • Planning and zoning permission
  • Building permits
  • Legal access to the property from a public road
  • Lease issues

Title Insurance: Loan Policies

Title Insurance can indemnify a mortgage lender to a property in the event the owner defaults on the mortgage loan, and upon seeking to enforce its mortgage, the lender discovers that the mortgage is defective or that the property value is reduced as a result of a Covered Risk.

Hidden & Defined Risks:

Title insurance can cover both unknown risks, which were not identified in the buyer’s legal due diligence, as well as known risks, which had been identified as “red flags” in the legal due diligence.

  • Special Risks Insurance
    • Donazione Sicura in Italy, covering risks arising out of donated properties
    • “Judicial Review” of Building Permit Objections in France
    • Conventional and Alternative Energy Projects
    • Title to shares of property owning companies
    • Loss of Rent or other consequential damages arising out of a Covered Risk