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Real Estate Equity Investors

Investing in real estate entails risk, including legal risk: is the property title clear; are there liens or charges on the title; does the property have access to a public road; are the planning and zoning permissions and the construction, building and occupancy permits all in order?

In a corporate merger & acquisition transaction, additional legal risks include title to the shares being acquired, authority and capacity of the selling shareholder and liens and charges on the shares.

Real estate equity investors, private equity funds and other institutional investors are fiduciaries and need to mitigate these risks. Our Title and Warranty & Indemnity Insurance policies are designed to do exactly that. The policies are bespoke, with cover tailored to meet the risks of each property and share purchase.

Indeed, in many cases, our real estate equity clients would not proceed with a transaction without our insurance to cover those risks.

Contact us for more information on how we can customize a product around your needs and discuss any questions or concerns that you might have surrounding your transaction.