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Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers are charged with delivering the best insurance for their clients.

In the context of Title and Warranty & Indemnity Insurance, this means insurance which covers the particular risks of the each transaction, at competitive rates, issued on time for the completion of the transaction.

Underwriting title and related risks is a complex challenge, requiring knowledge of local law issues and the ability to work with the broker, the lawyers and the insured to craft a policy which effectively covers those risks.

Secure Legal Title meets that challenge with our team of experienced underwriters, all of whom are lawyers, and who draft policy wordings to meet the broker’s needs.

It also means insurance provided by an insurer with a demonstrated history of responding to claims and paying losses. Lloyd’s has been handling claims for over 300 years, and its A+ Standard and Poor’s financial strength rating demonstrates Lloyd’s ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations.

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