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    • Risk Mitigation for property and acquisition financing.
    • Providing an essential part of the chain of security in property related transactions

  • Secure Legal Title specialises on the risks related to the ownership, conveyance, and finance of commercial real estate, relevant to title and permissions related issues.

    Of, relating to, or concerned with law: legal papers; authorised / established by or based on law: a legal right; statutory; recognised or enforced by law rather than by equity; in accord with certain rules or laws; investments that may be legally made by fiduciaries and certain institutions, such as savings banks and insurance companies.

    • We work with the full range of participants in the property chain to develop, structure, and implement insurance policies relevant to the property’s issues and risks.
    • We can cover both known and unknown risk.
    • Our risk spread is European wide and we service interested parties with representation in London, Europe and the US.
    • Secure Legal Title’s involvement relates to both risk and claim issues.

      Risk mitigation

    Title and legal indemnity insurance reduce risks for property investors and mortgage lenders. It indemnifies against losses arising from both known and unknown legal risks related to real estate acquisitions and mortgage finance. In an environment where risk management is a vital component of any transaction, these products provide assurance that the purchaser is getting clean title to the property and that the mortgage is properly recorded. It will also indemnify policyholders against litigation costs or losses due to claims from third parties against the property.