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    • A newly formed company founded by its principals, based in London but with European spread
    • Characterised by great experience, strong credentials and flexible thinking

  • Secure Legal Title provides title and legal indemnity insurances in Europe.

    Our cover is backed by the Lloyd’s market financial strength rating of A+, higher than leading title insurers.

    Free from danger or attack; from risk of loss; from danger or attack; safe; from fear, anxiety, or doubt; from fear, anxiety, or doubt. Firmly fastened; reliable; dependable; assured. To make certain; to ensure: to guarantee payment to/of; to bring about; effect; to protect or ensure the privacy or secrecy


    Secure Legal Title was formed by Sean Dalton, Joel Peck, Jean-Bernard Wurm, and Geoffrey Lynch, each of whom has extensive experience in this class of insurance in the UK, Europe and globally.

    Each of the founders of has a wide experience and knowledge of the risks in the property title area.

    As a result, Secure Legal Title is able to consider solutions for a whole range of issues in order to mitigate the legal risks of property investment and mortgage finance.

    We will work closely and extensively with our clients and their counsel to understand the specific or general risks in a transaction and to address their specific needs.

    Europe wide

    Headquartered in London, Secure Legal Title covers risks throughout Continental Europe and the UK.