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  •   ... about Legal Indemnity and Title Insurance

    • 1. The Overview
    • a.  What is title insurance?
      b.  What is legal indemnity?
      c.  What are the benefits?
      d.  What is covered by title insurance?
      e.  What is not covered by title insurance?
      f.   Why have US buyers and banks used this instrument for over 100 years?
      g.  Who is Secure Legal Title Limited?
      h.  How is a Lloyd’s of London policy issued?

    • 2. The Specifics
    • a.  Who can use title insurance?
      b.  How does title insurance work?
      c.  Why buy title insurance in addition to a legal opinion?
      d.  Does it change the role of lawyers and notaries?
      e.  Does title insurance also cover indirect property investments, e.g. acquisitions of real estate companies or investments in Limited Partnerships?
      f.   Can title insurance also be useful to property sellers?
      g.  What are the costs?
      h.  How can title insurance facilitate the sale of distressed mortgage debt and property?

    • 3. In Europe
    • a.  Why are Europeans buying title insurance?
      b.  Is title insurance only for investors or can it also help sellers?
      c.  Can title insurance play a role in loan syndication or in the sale of entire loan portfolios by banks?
      d.  What law applies to the policy?
      e.  In what currency are the amounts insured?
      f.   Where in Europe can title insurance be used?